Apartment design in bright colors. We choose a range of colors and its effect on a person.

This article is about the highest art of repair planning work. You will learn from it how you can create the most comfortable home in the world for yourself in the brightest colors.


Modern apartment in bright colors

When it comes to repairs in an apartment, everyone begins to think about its future appearance long before the start of work. This is not surprising and very correct, because living in a house from your own fantasies is the ultimate dream of every inhabitant of this planet. If you want to feel confident, easy and harmonious in your own apartment, then consider what atmosphere you will be most pleased to be in.

First of all, determine which colors you like best. A lot will depend on well-chosen colors in the interior.

If you do not have time to think about such trifles, although these moments will create a big picture, then you can hire a designer. When you first meet a professional who is clearly focused on making your dreams come true, be sure to share all your ideas and dreams with them. Based on your stories, the designer will create the most suitable apartment for your nature.

It is very important to choose the right furniture for arranging the interior of the room. By the way, recently very popular and in demand is the painting of furniture in a variety of colors and shades. After all, if the furniture is still in good condition, then there is no point in throwing it away. You can simply make a real exclusive and unique creation out of the boring ordinary. The designer, thanks to his skills, experience and love for work, will be able to choose the most suitable color combinations of paint, fabric and other materials.

Another very important nuance that the designer will definitely take into account is the worthy design of window openings. In the modern market, there are a lot of various offers on this account. The most important thing is to bet on exactly what you like. And also you need to give preference to what will not get bored soon, because repairs are not done for a week or two. Sometimes the transformation of the apartment remains in the nest for several years. Be yourself and feel comfortable in your own fortress.

Choosing a range of colors and its effect on a person

Probably, every person who started repairs in an apartment is faced with the problem of choosing the color scheme of the interior. Of course, it has long been known that colors tend to influence the mental, emotional, and even physical state of a person. This should be taken into account when choosing the color design of a particular room in the room.


Photo of the design of the dining room in white


The color of purity and lightness, enhances invigorating and empowering. Often serves as a base color, which is diluted with bright details and bright furniture. Suitable for any room except the bedroom, because. has a negative effect on intimate relationships.


Just like white, it is most often a background color that must be combined with bright accents. Gray color will help to calm down and relieve stress.


It is considered the color of suppression and emptiness, it is mainly used for furniture and decor elements.

Photo of the design of the apartment in rich colors


Tones and stimulates, gives strength and energy. Favorably affects blood circulation. Great for decorating any room, but do not get carried away with red in the bedroom and children's room.


Fills with energy, improves mood, improves appetite, which is why it is often used in the design of the kitchen.



The color of joy. It is believed that yellow can improve memory and concentration, so it is often used to decorate a nursery.

Blue and blue

These colors can relax and soothe, but they have a bad effect on appetite. It is best to use these colors in the interior of the bedroom.


Great for the office, bedroom and nursery, because. has the ability to calm and relax, drive away negative emotions.


Suppresses and depresses. Violet color is recommended to be used only as accents on accessories.


This color will give stamina and confidence. Most often, brown is used in the interior of the hallway, although it is also perfect for the bedroom.

Speaking about the general rules of color, you need to remember that warm shades are suitable for calmer people. Restless, nervous people should give preference to cold colors.


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