apartment renovation companies. How to choose the right contractor?

Firms for the repair of apartments. We make the right choice of a contractor


At present, a large number of companies open daily in our country that transform various property, urban or suburban. Russians turn to them for help or work with apartments on their own.

However, certain enterprises do not always accept applications from them, but only periodically, that is, during the season. Usually at this time, professionals get down to business from mid-spring to late autumn.

The additional number of users increases if opportunities are involved, which are promotions and discounts, because apartment renovation companies develop their advertising carefully and plan. Because marketing matters a lot. At the same time, they receive the maximum number of orders if attention is paid to houses, but to those that are rented out. For this reason, in housing you can see different leaflets with booklets, because they are left by companies, and in the end they get a good result, especially if the Internet is still used.


However, there are a lot of similar companies that work with such objects. Also, do not forget that recommendations speak a lot today. If customers like the quality of the work performed on the premises, then they will definitely tell their friends who are trying to solve the problem of one or another repair of their own living space. If the company is serious, then the case is taken responsibly, with guarantees, which include a document signed between the parties, other papers and then personnel. It is selected according to special canons, and a specialized education is included in the minimum requirements.

It must be said that a team is not hired from the street, since every company that repairs various objects is not sure that employees will be responsible for marriages in the implementation of applications. In this line of work, it is also important to know if predetermined deadlines are met, and therefore reputable organizations adhere to them.

Finding worthy performers today is easy. For example, if professionals are beginners and work at the initial stage, they do not always have their own permanent place or rent a room. Therefore, for repairs, they still communicate by phone.

However, this circumstance should not alarm potential users of services. It is also worth noting that most often construction companies do not have their own warehouses, and therefore they purchase materials for certain orders. In addition to the workers who are entrusted with repair and finishing work, and they are, for example, tilers, then plasterers, painters, electricians and plumbers. Each apartment separately without the participation of a large number of specialists is not put in order. Then in each firm there is a foreman, because he controls the process of implementation of all stages. Together with him and the client, all the nuances are still being discussed. In order to draw up an estimate, you will need the services of a estimator, as well as an architect as needed.

The financial parts are understood to be the costs that go to professional tools, for example, drills, hammers and spatulas. In other words, funds are needed for the main inventory and for additional inventory, in the amount of no more than 150,000 rubles. thensss purchases It takes about 300-400,000 rubles. Payment for work, as a rule, is piecework, and the bosses receive a fixed salary, then the estimator and accountant. Finally, companies spend part of the money on promotions and paying for telephone calls.

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