Arrangement of the site, landscape design independently

Landscaping on your own, arranging the site

As soon as the decision has come to purchase a land plot and build a country house, you should think not only about building a home that suits your tastes and desires, but also about arranging the surrounding area – site landscape design planning. First you need to decide what you ultimately want to see on your land — a vegetable garden, a garden, a sauna, a barbecue, a fountain or a summer kitchen combined with a recreation area, what will be your backyard plot, its layout, arrangement and design, depends only on your desire:

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Plot arrangement, landscaping yourself

garden with gazebos< /p>

garden path use plants to design a garden plot

flower beds or trees

beds, garden, kitchen garden — we are planning a place in the landscape design of the site

and maybe a garden, with beds of cucumbers and tomatoes.

Having resolved this issue, you should not immediately rush to buy seedlings or tree seedlings, so that everything works out right, you should draw up a clear plan . If you are not confident in your abilities. then you can entrust this work to professional landscape designers who already have sufficient experience in this area.

there are already trees on your property

in no case cut them down, just include them in the plan, nothing pleases you in hot weather like the shade of your own garden, and you can enjoy the fruits from your trees all year round, both fresh and in the form of various preparations for the winter.

trees in garden design

Four-meter fence

In the event that your property is not surrounded by a high four-meter fence, and you are able to see the buildings and faces of your neighbors in close proximity, you should think about the rational placement of your gazebos and benches – the place opposite the neighbors' toilet is unlikely to be suitable for contemplation and peace.< /p>

do-it-yourself fence

By the way, you can also choose a fence from several options, starting with a welded fence or a brick fence and ending with a shrub hedge, although if you choose this option, keep in mind, it will not be possible to finally complete it until a couple of years later.

hedge in your garden

Decorative landscaping

Decorative landscaping of the site will bring you not only aesthetic, but also spiritual satisfaction. A secluded gazebo by a small pond, alpine slides and flower beds with exquisite flowers, winding paths finished with stone or tiles, all this will be a wonderful decoration for your home and garden, and in the evening, highlighting the surrounding beauty will help you highlight the trees and bushes, as well as lanterns along the paths.

do-it-yourself pond

In spite of everything, the best rest for you is weeding or growing vegetables, then you definitely need to start a couple of beds, it will be most convenient to allocate a certain place for this purpose and build a greenhouse on it.

greenhouse-we plan a place

Before you start growing vegetables or flowers, think about what : do you really have the strength and desire to painstakingly care for your plantings, the result, of course, will always be amazing, but such an activity will take a lot of time and effort.

garden paradise

The appearance of your site is the embodiment of your dreams and desires, fresh air, space, own fruits and vegetables, no life in the city is worth it to exchange all this for it. Therefore, just think about what you want most of all, equip the plot and the house, and enjoy peace and quiet.

divide the plot into zones


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