Bamboo parquet

Completing repairs in the room, a person thinks about the flooring. In the modern world, the building products market offers the widest range of covering floors. Along with linoleum, laminate, tiles, parquet is gaining not a little fame. At the moment, we will talk about such flooring as parquet, which has bamboo in its composition, since the materials used for the manufacture of parquet are very diverse.

Humanity strives in the construction process to use more natural materials. Bamboo parquet belongs to this category of products. This type of parquet has mostly straw tones. Therefore, the coloring will belong to the natural type.


With the help of heat treatment, parquet can be given the color of caramel or coffee. Parquet can be of two types: horizontal and vertical. During the use of horizontal parquet, the pattern created by the lintels will be visible on the floor surface, since the bamboo stalk is located wide, and this feature is not observed in vertical parquet, since it is lighter in color.

The lacquer has already been applied by the manufacturer, so the floor is ready for installation. This type of parquet is perfect as a floor covering for any type of premises, both for an apartment and for an office. It does not need special care, it is necessary to wipe it with a damp cloth, control the accumulations of dust on it. After a period of about 5 years, the parquet is varnished again on its own to bring it back to its original appearance. When installing furniture on a parquet floor, it is advisable to put a fabric under it in order to protect the very surface of the bamboo parquet from damage. Since bamboo has good properties, therefore, parquet made of such material is not subject to changes in air temperature, is not afraid of moisture.


As for the disadvantages of flooring as bamboo flooring, it must be protected from direct sunlight. The surface of bamboo flooring is hard, therefore, therefore, it only reflects, but does not absorb sounds. Therefore, it does not have high sound insulation.

Parquet flooring is becoming more and more popular and gives the room a rich and solid look. The natural beauty of parquet will charge you with positive energy.

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