carpet laying

To install carpet, first of all, tools such as an underlay and a gripper rail are required. The underlayment is a special material placed under the carpet, which makes the flooring softer and more comfortable, in addition, which reduces friction between the sole of the carpet and the floor, thereby increasing its service life. The gripper rail is a bar with spikes located at an angle. And so there are five ways of laying carpet, the choice of which depends on its structure and type of room. The first way is glueless. The carpet is laid so that its edges protrude 5 millimeters above the plinth, after which it is leveled and fixed with a rail. The second is glue. The material is unfolded and cut, after which glue is applied to it. The third method is a simultaneous connection, in which the carpet is overlapped by 5 centimeters. First, the glue is applied to the canvas, then it rises and the glue is applied to the floor. The fourth is stretching, which is based on the elasticity of textile coatings. With this method, the carpet is stretched over slats with nails attached around the entire perimeter of the walls, after which its excess is cut off. For greater warmth and softness, you can lay felt on it. This method is the most optimal for an apartment or for a house. And finally, the fifth way is flooring on adhesive tape. This option is the cheapest, since it only needs gluing tape and adhesive tape. The main disadvantage of this method is its fragility. The maximum it will last is about three years.

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