Choice of decorative plaster.

The choice of decorative plaster.

Every person wants his house to be beautiful and cozy, so that a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere and joy reign there. Decorative plaster will help transform the walls and make the room more comfortable.



It is easy to use, low maintenance and requires only a regular spatula to apply. But, in order to make the right choice of this finishing material, you need to understand the types of plaster.



The most popular acrylic plaster allows it to be applied to all types of coatings, due to its strength and elasticity. Also, a special coating of acrylic particles repels dirt and dust. The plaster contains silicone, which increases its moisture resistance and makes it possible to install it in the kitchen or in the bathroom. As for the texture, thanks to additional components and paints, you can create any shade and look.

Mineral plaster and Venetian plaster are resistant to temperature extremes and are not afraid of moisture, but such plasters do not tolerate heavy loads, so when applied to walls, it is better to add a little more adhesive mixtures to the surface itself, so the material will hold better.

The last word in construction innovations was the appearance of plaster with the visualization of the pattern. This allowed not only to revive the interior and diversify the types and methods of repair, but also influenced further developments in the field of finishing materials.


This plaster is absolutely harmless to health, but in

its composition contains many components that allow light to diffuse and create the impression of volume and greater saturation of the picture. Of course, the cost of this type of finish is much more expensive than ordinary plaster, but the result and the effect itself is worth it.

Thanks to the use of various types of decorative plaster, you can make your home beautiful and original and also bring a touch of modernity to the walls of the premises.

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