Choose the right interior for your house or apartment.

How to choose the right interior for your house or apartment?

The design of any modern home implies a certain style that determines the personality and internal state of the owners of the house. The combination of various decor elements is mainly used for this task, in order to end up with a special design peculiar to this particular house. Styles that will be the main ones in the interiorthis is — pop art, conservatism, constructivism, romanticism, baroque, modern, minimalism, rococo and many others. But in this article we will consider the most common of them.

The interior of the apartment in

styleClassicism uses strict symmetry of forms, some impressiveness, sharp lines. There is a sufficient abundance of mirrors, furniture is certainly made of high-quality wood, there may be columns, richness in everything, the walls are usually covered with discreet fabric. In this place, a person will feel like a born aristocrat. But in truth, a real classic interior style requires a fair amount of money.

Interior and style for a cozy home

Minimalism style – implies the almost complete absence of decor in the room or their minimal presence in the design of the house. Minimalist design implies a spacious room, not cluttered with furniture items. It is important to be careful here so that the owner is not superfluous. Element shapes are simple — no folds on the sofa, low furniture, rectangular tables, muted colors.

Apartment interior in style Interior in bright colors Interior and style for a cozy home

Romantic style is typical for sophisticated natures. Refined free style, juxtaposing vases with green flowers, arched openings, forged products, light fabrics. Everything is extremely gentle and glorious.

Country — style: maximum closeness to nature, romance, softness. This is the most environmentally friendly style, because natural building materials are used: wood floors, plastered walls, carpets made from natural materials, paper wallpapers. And materials such as glass, plastic and metal are undesirable here. The colors of the room are certainly muted. Accustomed to the city for living a mobile modern person, such a home style design is conducive to maximum soothing and avoiding work fussiness. Very beautiful in this design, handmade elements: sconces with decorative lampshades, patchwork blankets, various figurines, napkins.

Modern: curved outlines, frenzy of imagination, simple furniture, but with exquisite fittings and frosted glass. Wavy wall surfaces, multi-level floors can be made here. When choosing the shades of the interior, in no case should the colors of dark tones be used as the main color.

Popular design styles are quite versatile. Experiment, combine different styles, and you will get an unsurpassed result.

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