Choosing a heating boiler

When choosing a boiler, you need to understand that without the help of specialists you will not be able to install and start it correctly. To do this, you need to understand the types of boilers, which one has the advantage.

The main criterion for choosing a boiler is the optimal fuel and the required heat output. Fuels can be of the following types: electricity, gas, diesel fuel, coal and firewood.

If it is possible to connect to natural gas, a gas boiler is required, which can be of several types: outdoor with an atmospheric burner,

wall-mounted, floor combined boiler.

If there is no gas main, it is better to choose a combined boiler that can run on gas or diesel fuel alternately. Such boilers are designed for alternate operation, and have replaceable fan burners: gas, diesel or oil, combined.

If there are no problems with wood fuel, a solid fuel boiler will do. This type of boiler has three advantages: autonomy, availability, low cost of fuel. Three disadvantages are also obvious: low efficiency (70-80%), no autonomous operation, regular fuel loading, quickly formed ash. The oil-fired boiler is the same combination boiler, the only advantage of its — optimized for diesel operation. In addition to wood-fired boilers, there are models with pyrolysis combustion of firewood — gas boilers. Such a boiler is advantageous in that, due to its high efficiency, it requires half as much fuel as conventional boilers. Also, such a boiler is more autonomous in operation, has a minimum amount of ash, due to the fact that it has built-in automation.

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