Construction overalls – protective helmets.

Due to the rapid growth of cities and the increase in construction, many construction companies began to appear. The question is already how to choose a reliable and worthy one. One of the evaluation criteria is the attitude of management towards its employees.

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A striking indicator in this case will be how the company provides workers with such an important component as special clothing and its quality. One of the main categories in a set of clothing intended for use during construction work are safety helmets.

The need to use construction helmets

In its design, a construction helmet combines the maximum number of protective functions, taking into account the specifics of the work. To warn operators of construction equipment about being in dangerous proximity to a person, the brightest colors are chosen for protective helmets.

The design of helmets provides for the main function — protection of the head and neck from injury. Such traumatic situations can occur when an accidental hit of the head on a hard surface or an unexpected hit in the head by objects falling from a height.

If the blow was of sufficient force, then construction safety helmet< /strong>may help only partially, but its use will mitigate the consequences of the injury, and possibly save a person's life. Head injuries are considered the most dangerous in medicine, which is why manufacturers increase the protective properties of this piece of workwear as much as possible. All construction helmets must comply with GOST and are subject to mandatory certification.

Protection against types of negative impact

Protective equipment at a construction site is a mandatory measure. The main rule at the construction site is the observance of safety precautions when carrying out work, being near working mechanisms or an object under construction.

A safety helmet on the head — one of the safety rules. It protects against:

— mechanical damage;

— excess moisture;

— molten metal;
— aggressive liquid;

— up to 2200 V electric current.

Design and materials

Construction safety helmets are available in standard and ratchet — smooth adjustment by a clamp. The body is made of hard plastic, softened from the inside with special cushioning inserts.

Regulating tapes and a chin strap serve to secure the helmet on the head in order to prevent the slightest shift or fall during any sudden movement. The ratchet mechanism adjusts the size of the headband without removing the helmet from the head.

The visor is designed to protect the eyes from direct sunlight. The hard case is equipped with ventilation holes to prevent overheating of the head. In cold weather, the openings close easily to protect against freezing.

Rigid body made from specially formulated polymers:

— plastics;
— polyethylene;
— carbonic acid polyesters;
— reinforced fiberglass.

In addition to construction, protective helmets are required for a wide range of economic complex: gas, oil, machine-building and many other industrial areas.

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