Correct installation of the heating system

Correct installation of the system heating

A qualified person who is licensed to work on a heating system must be aware of how to carry out the correct installation. However, the operation of the instrument is your responsibility. If you are striving to ensure that the heater lasts a long time and does not bring trouble, then it is enough to follow some simple recommendations for the correct installation of the heating system.

Recommendations for installing radiators

If you have chosen cast iron radiators, then before installation, it makes sense to require installers to pull the intersection connections, and then use a manual crimping machine to crimp them with test pressure.

Work should be accepted only when the device is filled with water, the joints will be tight, and air has been removed from the instrument. These requirements apply to all classes of heating devices installed in apartments.

When installing aluminum radiators, they must have air vents designed to automatically remove hydrogen, which tends to accumulate in the coolant.

Flushing radiators

Once a year, it is recommended to flush the radiators, for which, with the lower and upper valves closed, the air vent is opened. If there is no cream tap, unscrew the plug and drain the water into a container. Flushing should be carried out with a hose with a strong jet of water. At the same time, dust accumulated on the fins of the device can also be removed. However, it is better to entrust this work to a specialist.

When planning the installation of heating devices in an apartment, one must not forget that any changes in the engineering equipment must be coordinated with the operational services.

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