Creating coziness and comfort in the kitchen

The choice of the layout of the room, the selection of style, color scheme and shape, design – all this has a decisive effect in arranging the entire kitchen. With a harmonious combination of all factors, you can get a convenient, comfortable and functional kitchen.

When designing kitchen areas, first of all, you need to take into account your own needs. Areas for storing food (bulk, canned, fresh and frozen), dishes, household equipment and cutlery are a must. It is necessary to allocate a washing area (including a place to store cleaning products and trash cans). An area must be allocated for food preparation (knives, boards for cutting food, etc. should be placed near this zone) and further cooking (this zone includes the presence of an oven, stove, hood, double boiler, microwave stove, storage areas for pans and pots ).

If you have thought out the distribution of zones correctly, then the cooking process will bring maximum comfort.

Kitchen furniture is one of the most important components of comfort, and the material from which it is made also plays an important role. Natural wood will endow the kitchen with respectability. Coatings made of metal and refractory glass are quite practical. The main characteristics that should be taken into account when choosing kitchen furniture are its strength, moisture resistance, wear resistance and practicality.

Before purchasing kitchen furniture, decide on the type of electrical appliances that will be in your kitchen . You can consider installing built-in appliances, which are much more expensive, but will make it possible to use the entire area of ​​u200bu200bthe kitchen, maintain the style and color of the entire room.

When choosing a color scheme for the entire kitchen, you need to focus on your taste, and also remember that the color will affect the mood of the whole kitchen. A lot can be achieved with the right lighting. The right combination of different types of lighting can create convenience and comfort in the kitchen.

Do not forget about accessories. Various vases, paintings and flowers will decorate the room, the main thing is to follow the rule: the harmony of the entire space in style should be taken into account, it is easy and convenient to work in the kitchen.

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