Do-it-yourself bath is cheap, fast and very simple

Do-it-yourself bath is cheap, fast and very simple

Bath is a lot of fun! This is a great way to spend time with friends or family, while combining a pleasant pastime with tremendous health benefits. A bath is always positive emotions and a great mood.

Building a bath is not so difficult, following our advice you can build a bath cheaply and quickly and very simply.

Here you will find projects and photos of construction stages, photos of interior decoration, baths with a rest room, bath layouts, projects and photos of foam block baths, baths with an attic, brick baths, timber baths, as well as expanded clay concrete block baths .

Use our CALCULATOR of building materials,

this will help you understand in advance where you can save money, and what you need to pay attention to when buying materials

Before starting the independent construction of the bath, you need to decide on the place of construction, the material for construction, the layout of the premises and the choice of equipment. For construction, a flat area with access to a lake, river or other body of water is best suited. Currently, most often for the construction of walls, glued beams, a wooden frame or a frame are used, when the walls are built from already assembled elements. And also it is necessary to think over the layout.

Russian banya

< p>Usually, a bathhouse consists of a dressing room, a washing room and a steam room (if there is not enough space, the last two rooms can be combined). In the dressing room it is desirable to place lockers or shelves for clothes, and if necessary, provide for a place for fuel (wood, coal). In the washing room, you can install a shower stall, if space permits, or containers with cold and hot water, a place to relax.

The main room is a steam room, equipped with a stove and sun loungers

In addition, you need to consider what kind of stove will be installed (wood, gas, electric), whether a boiler is needed to heat water, because this will significantly change the cost of construction.< /p> Stages of construction

The construction itself can be divided into several stages:

  • laying the foundation of the bathhouse and stove,
  • supplying sewage,
  • building walls, roofs,
  • installing floors,
  • installing a stove, chimney,
  • as well as connecting water and electricity

Let's move on to the foundation

tape foundation — a good base for a bath

Depending on the type of soil, the foundation can be ribbonor columnar. If the soil is weak (peat, clay, loam, sand), then in this case you should stop at tapefoundation, but if the foundation of the soil consists of rocks, coarse-grained or medium-grained sand, then a columnar foundation is laid. The foundation must be laid to the depth of freezing of the soil in order to avoid distortions of the building when the seasons change. Before laying the foundation, it is necessary to clean the construction site, level it and select the top layer of soil up to 20 cm deep. And also at the stage of pouring the main foundation, do not forget to make a foundation for the furnace.

The next step is to mount the sewer

slope 2 cm per 1m, PVC pipe * 50 mm

To do this, on the outside of the bath, no closer than 50 cm from the foundation, you need to dig a pit with a water seal, a well for waste water and lay pipes. We make a pit with a size of 50 x 50 x 70 cm, and fill its walls with concrete up to 10 cm thick. A sewer pipe with a diameter of 100 mm is laid to it under the foundation. It is advisable to use plastic or ceramic pipes, as the metal is not durable. The volume of the main well must be at least 2 m² and it must be placed at a distance of 2.5 m from the pit. At an angle to the well from the pit at a depth of 1.5 m (the depth depends on the freezing of the soil), we lay a pipe with a diameter of 100 mm. We fill the bottom of the main well with sand or gravel 1 m thick and cover 50 cm of soil. Each layer is rammed. In order to prevent cold air from entering the bath from the drain pipe in winter and unpleasant odors, a water seal is installed on it before the pit. To protect the pit from frost, it is covered from above with two covers with a layer of insulation, and from above it is additionally covered with a layer of sawdust or expanded clay.

After the foundation and the drain system are ready ,

We proceed to the construction of walls from the selected material. If the frame construction method is chosen, then the prefabricated wall panels are mounted in their places. With a beam and a log house it will be more difficult. Materials pre-prepared in size are mounted on predetermined places and fastened with steel brackets for structural reliability. We lay out internal partitions of brick or wood with heat and moisture insulation.

The partition between the dressing room and the steam room is preferably made of brick, or wood with a brick insert at the junction with the stove. After the installation of the walls, we begin the installation of the roof. Depending on the amount of precipitation in the region, the roof can be single or gable. The amount of materials will depend on which roof option will be chosen. The rafters are fixed with metal brackets to the last or penultimate row, after which a wooden crate and insulation are installed on the inside. We should not forget about the ceiling. The draft ceiling is attached to horizontal joists and covered with a layer of insulation (slag, expanded clay) from the attic. On the inside of the bath, we fix the insulation, vapor barrier and sheathe it with clapboard.

Next, you need to equip a warm floor

drain in the bath we make a bias

First of all, we prepare the base, for which sand and gravel are poured in layers of 10 cm, while each layer is leveled and rammed. The resulting pillow is covered from above with roofing material with an overlap on the walls to the height of the intended floor. After that, the resulting base can be poured with a 5 cm screed from a mixture of cement and perlite, or 5 cm of felt and expanded clay can be laid, and then poured with concrete. When pouring the top layer, it is necessary to provide for its slight slope towards the drain hole.

Let's move on to the next step, namely the installation of the FURNACE < p id="caption-attachment-5146" class="wp-caption-text">laying the stove in the bathhouse

A brick oven is laid out on a pre-filled foundation “in brick” or “in half a brick”, while achieving a minimum thickness of masonry joints, which contributes to greater heat transfer. For the construction, red brick is used, and the furnace firebox should go into the dressing room. Please note that the stove should be located no closer than 25 cm from the walls in order to eliminate heat loss. The chimney should be made as high as possible, and when laying the pipe, try to remove it as much as possible from the roof sheathing. A foundation is not needed for a gas and electric furnace, I install them according to the manufacturer's instructions.

The ideal option would be centralized water supply from the house,

but we should not forget that the pipes must be insulated and laid below the freezing level of the soil. Otherwise, with the onset of cold weather, the water supply system must be drained. If the water intake is done from a well or a well by a pump, then water is also drained from such a system in winter.

Connecting electricity will not cause much difficulty

top view: 1 lounge, 2 showers, 3 steam rooms

A separate air wiring is connected to the bath, for which you can use a cable of the SIP or VVGng brand. A cable made of aluminum cannot be used according to fire safety standards. The internal wiring is laid in a non-combustible corrugated hose, the sockets and switches are installed externally, and all the connections are brought to the dressing room.

The interior decoration of the bath is done according to the preferences of the owner, everything is in your hands, we offer you to see a photo of the interior decoration , and it's up to you…

To summarize

You can build a bath with your own hands cheaply and quickly if you follow the instructions clearly, before starting construction, you must definitely draw a plan on a scale, also read on the Building Materials Calculator, everything you need for construction, decide which stove will be – electric or brick, possibly made of metal with a water tank, and decide on the internal layout



steam room trim


S team trim — Clapboard

Author: A.E.Graf

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