Egyptian style interior design.

Sand, golden, blue and beige shades, all the colors of water and sand, the luxury of the ancient pharaohs and the luxury of their main priests – all this is a noble Egyptian interior style. His reflection should be in every detail. There are two ways of decorating: a thorough imitation of the pharaoh's dwelling (here the colors are usually deep and extremely bright, fresh) and the feeling of antiquity from the dwelling where the pharaoh once lived (the colors are faded, faded, the drawings are half-erased).

Egyptian interior style indoors

Ceiling and surfaces The walls are made out, basically, in a single range. A pattern of reed stems, palm leaves, lotus flowers is laid out on the walls. Pictograms, frescoes, ceiling bas-reliefs will perfectly fit into the style.


Egyptian interior style indoors

Glossy black natural wooden furniture and abundant carved decorations in mythological animals — modern designers offer a fairly large number of stylized options. For the most daring – a throne instead of an armchair, a canopy over the bed.

The decor is arches, podiums, columns.

And the indispensable presence of huge floor vases, small figurines, as well as large, but elegant statues. And in order to finally create an accurate Egyptian style, you should replace the bedside tables with low miniature tables, and bulky cabinets with stylized chests.


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