Expanded polystyrene PSB S.

Among the various heat-insulating materials present on the domestic market, the highest quality, warmest and most reliable is PSB s expanded polystyrene, capable of performing its task in a variety of situations . It is used to create insulation of walls, ceilings, roofs, floors, residential and industrial, shops, buildings, construction mobile houses, etc. Probably, there is not a single room where it would be impossible to use expanded polystyrene psb with, originally created as the best thermal insulation.

It is known that expanded polystyrene psb with 15 (including more of its durable types) 100 mm thick replaces a wall made of wood 450 mm thick, 750 mm expanded clay concrete, 1700 mm brickwork and 3500 mm reinforced concrete. So, using expanded polystyrene psb from 15, you can reduce the thickness of the walls and save a lot of money.

The company sells expanded polystyrene psb from 15, from 25, as well as high-strength grades of this heat-insulating material: expanded polystyrene 35 and s 50. Also, we can offer you a facade option – psb expanded polystyrene with 25 f. Relatively low prices, along with the highest performance characteristics, make expanded polystyrene a “welcome guest” at any construction site.

Moreover, it is almost eternal. The minimum period during which it can be operated without any problems and a decrease in heat-shielding characteristics is 80-100 years. Expanded polystyrene plates do not get wet, do not absorb moisture, do not wear out, they are very light and quite durable, they calmly perform their function in any adverse conditions: when exposed to salts, alkalis, caustic solutions, lime, cement, in general, almost all chemically active substances.< /p>

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