Flock: flakes on the walls

Today, in the construction industry, it is hardly possible to come up with something new for its intended purpose, but with the development of new technologies, the field of activity for the realization of original ideas is limitless.

The novelty, an environmentally friendly finishing material – a flock coating, has proven itself perfectly. Durable, wear-resistant, almost no accidental mechanical damage is visible on it. A very simple material to work with, it is easy to apply even on not the most ideal surface, the adhesion is provided by a thick consistency.

Flock or in another way, in everyday life, they call “chips” — these are small particles of acrylic paint of various shapes: stars, circles, straws. Translated from German — these are “snowflakes”, “flakes”, but everyone has their own associations, because they can be of any colors and shades.

Flocks (flakes) are sold in combination with a liquid adhesive base, on which they are directly applied. Lacquer is used for fixing. The coating is durable, easy to renew, not afraid of wet cleaning, suitable for walls, ceilings, doors and window sills, it is an ideal material for design ideas, can be used where no other material is suitable.

< p>Flock application occurs in several stages. At the first, when preparing the surface, it is necessary to ensure that it is puttied and primed, does not absorb excessive moisture.

The adhesive layer is applied to a dry surface. It is desirable that the temperature in the room be below room temperature.

As soon as the adhesive base has been placed on the surface, the acrylic particles themselves are sprayed using a flock gun or a special compressor. You need to work quickly, carefully, moving evenly from top to bottom in smooth circular motions.

After about twelve hours, that's how long it takes for the finish to dry well, fix the flock with varnish. The varnish is applied with a conventional roller, in one layer.

In the construction services market, they ask for 10 c.u. e. m2 at a price of 3-5 c.u. e.m2.

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