floor color selection

The floor must be in harmony with the interior of the room and emphasize the beauty of furniture, decor elements, without conflicting with them.

Beauty and durability are guaranteed by coatings made of natural stone (granite , marble, slate). But the high price of these materials forces consumers to look for other options, such as travertine (or tufa).

The alternative is ceramics, which is very popular in Russia. Ceramic tiles in a neutral color are good, the terracotta color that does not go out of fashion is a classic. A large room will be decorated with a large drawing, the kitchen & # 8212; Italian mosaic tiles, in the bathroom, light colors, ideally white, will be a win-win option.

It is interesting that the inhabitants of the south, where there is an excess of heat and sunlight, prefer floors of jet black or neutral colors.

Classic flooring at the best price – wooden, especially dark tones. The honey shade is interesting when the emphasis is on the “old age” of the floor, emphasizing its aesthetics.

And finally, it is difficult to imagine the foundation of the house without carpets. Today, large European-style handmade carpets with floral ornaments covering the entire area of ​​a stone or wooden floor are relevant. Particularly pleasing to the eye are the neutral, natural colors of the coatings that do not go out of fashion, as a rule & # 8212; different shades of green, sand, cream, allowing expensive things to serve the house for decades.

Carpet paths are good both classic and with eclectic elements, in addition to pastel, saturated colors are appropriate here. For example, bright carpets especially decorate dark stone floors.

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