Floor or puzzle?

Sometimes it would be useful to so that the floor in the house was assembled and disassembled at the right time. And, since progress does not stand still, everything is possible.

Not so long ago, — floors appeared on the Russian market. puzzles. They are made in the form of a constructor, they call these parts of the die. The dies are assembled and tightly fixed to each other. They fit together easily, literally in 30 minutes you can transform your room.

What is such a floor for?

1. repair. If your room is being renovated, but the floor needs to be preserved. Things like newspapers and various oilcloths are not always functional. And by folding such a floor, you can easily save the old one. It will protect against impacts, and from paint, and from debris and dust.

2. design. Sometimes there are moments when you want to change everything. I want spring and brightness, or vice versa warmth. So just such a floor in a matter of half an hour can help you change your mood! Decor and colors are varied and very wide. Everyone can choose everything they need! And since the price is also different, you can choose many different floors and change for the occasion or on holidays.

3. parties. If you like to have parties often or you have a lot of guests, this floor will be indispensable for you. Firstly, it will embellish your room at a certain moment, it will become an occasion for a casual conversation. And it does not leave traces of heels or various stains.

4. transformation. The emotional factor is also very significant in our daily bustle. Therefore, it is with the help of this floor that you can surprise guests or relatives. For example, arriving earlier and laying such a floor!

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