French style apartment.

French style interior is a sign of good, sophisticated taste. It is quite possible to turn your house into one of the luxurious French apartments. However, for this, the dwelling must have some parameters necessary for this transformation. That is, the apartment should have high ceilings, characteristic of the French, just as high, but also narrow window and door openings.

You also need the ability to build various architectural decorations. It is also desirable that the windows overlook some interesting landscape, since later it can be included in the interior.

French design has many features unique to it. And one of them is an interesting and sophisticated mix of styles. The predominant number of items in such an interior is made of natural materials. Also, the French interior does not tolerate excessive use of modern elements. More appropriate would be antique, restored pieces of furniture and furniture, decorative elements from various solid-looking materials.

One of the leading designers of our time, who has many successful projects to his credit, gives several recommendations on how to most successfully make French design in your home. Here are the main ones:

• Color selection. When remodeling an apartment in a French way, you first need to know what shades of colors will create the most appropriate atmosphere in general. For example, the French interior is dominated by shades of emerald, scarlet, blue and other elegant colors. However, attention is focused on black and gold. Most often, these colors are used to decorate interior items, or in patterns, decorative ornaments. And despite the fact that their role does not look too significant, it is they who set the overall style.

• Symbols specific to France. Images, figurines and magnets of French sights, the Eiffel Tower, for example, and landscapes characteristic of this country will help create the right environment. These elements can be presented in the form of engravings, vintage photographs and other elements in a similar style. Small interior details can be replaced with one decoration, as if uniting them.

• Watches are equally important. It is better if they have a round shape and a large size. And such watches do not have to be a rare thing at all, they can be upgraded on their own. This can be done by decorating watches with French inscriptions, copies of old stamps, postcards. You can also apply varnish or paint to the clock using a stencil, as “de coupage” (this is what this decoration technique is called) is another feature of the original French interior.

• Design of a recreation area. In Parisian homes, this area stands out through a particular selection of furniture. A table, certainly round, a beautiful tablecloth, almost weightless chairs, complemented by various elements. All this creates exactly the harmony of elements that is the most characteristic of French design. And don't forget about upholstered furniture! It, for example, can be decorated with cute pillows made of soft fabric. It would also be appropriate to place a small, skillfully decorated table.

• The use of draperies in the interior. Most often, windows are decorated with curtains made of expensive dense fabric, which are complemented by light tulle. A variety of elements can serve as decorations, from any materials used to support the curtains in the open state.

• Use of accessories. For additional decoration, you can use a variety of items that can most “revive” the internal atmosphere of the home, give it the chic and gloss of a French house. These can be figurines, and lamps with an interesting design, and antique mirror frames, and much more, suitable for such an interior and complementing it.

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