High-quality ventilation for home and office

All residential buildings, as well as offices, must be fully equipped with high-quality ventilation systems in order to provide the premises with fresh air. For high-quality supply of fresh air to different rooms, supply ventilation is ideally used. In addition to the fact that air is forced into the duct system itself, supply ventilation also ideally performs some quality functions of effectively preparing air or simply bringing air to the desired values. This is a high-quality air filtration, as well as heating it in a fairly cold season. Supply ventilation includes a supply unit, as well as an air duct system.

Supply ventilation is always calculated and designed for individual needs for each room. Supply ventilation must necessarily be equipped with the necessary systems for automatic control. High-quality automation systems allow you to quite smoothly or stepwise regulate the entire power of the heater, as well as air flow.

If a high-quality water heater is used in the supply unit, then the entire automation system includes frost protection for the heat exchanger, as well as automatic regulation for hot water flow. The supply ventilation also uses the following elements: an air intake (inertial) grille, an inlet damper, an ideal silencer, dampers or simple devices for regulation, as well as a system for adjusting the air flow in all rooms.

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