How did the stretch ceiling come about?

It is not known exactly when stretch ceilings were invented. The person who developed this design element also remained a secret. In relevant circles, there are myths that tell about ancient times and the first stretch ceilings.

Today it is known that in the Roman Empire people were able to perfectly drape ceilings with fabric, combining them with walls. They also monitored their cleanliness, changing all the fabric when dirty.

There is also information about Armenia, where once local craftsmen pulled fabric soaked with water and chalk over the frame. After drying, this fabric took on an almost perfectly smooth appearance. However, chalk is a very fragile material, so the Armenians changed it to water-dispersion paint.

The technological breakthrough of the twentieth century forever changed the way of finishing. The reason for this was the discovery of new PVC polymers. Plastic today is used everywhere in the decoration of various interior elements. It owes this to its excellent properties.

The first wave of success of stretch ceilings came in the middle of the last century. And to be precise, for the period of the sixties. Then it literally boomed. It became very popular first in Sweden, and then throughout capitalist Europe.

The stretch ceilings were especially liked in France. It was here that the technology for manufacturing these design elements improved, and the second wave of popularity was born. Its beginning is considered to be the end of the eighties of the last century.

However, even today, the methods and methods for developing stretch ceilings are constantly being improved. Prices for this product are constantly decreasing, and the quality is growing.

So this story is far from over, and soon new discoveries in the use of this design idea await us all.

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