How to choose a home installation for a urinal?

The delicate but eternal problem of the “toilet lid”, which even tried to guess who was in charge in the house, has recently ceased to be relevant.

When home urinal installations appeared, many decided at the next scheduled repair once and for all to save themselves from headaches about unaesthetic problems in the bathroom. Thanks to the new technology, wall-mounted urinals can be easily placed anywhere and have a whole range of undeniable advantages.


Features of choosing an installation for a urinal



Practically any installation system is a set of structural elements, consisting of a frame, fasteners and an adapter, providing flush. But there are a lot of design ideas and model variations on the market, so you can choose an installation for any bathroom or toilet interior. At the same time, the manufacturers made sure that the installation itself was suitable for any model of plumbing.

It is difficult to overestimate the advantages of any installation:

— The tank and pipes are hidden behind the cladding components.

— The system is mounted quickly and very easily.

— Space is required at a minimum, so the installation is suitable even for small apartments.

— The level of water noise during flushing is reduced.

When choosing, you can pay attention to which design is offered, classic or reinforced. The classic is mounted directly into concrete or brick, while the reinforced one allows the presence of plasterboard or foam block partitions on the wall.

It would also be useful to clarify if there is a possibility of height adjustment. Since not all installation systems provide for such an opportunity, this will allow you to independently “try on” the necessary parameters at home. And it's very good if at the same time free access to the sewage system is preserved, since if repair is necessary, you can not disturb the installation space and not dismantle the structure.

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