How to choose a plot for a house

How to choose a site for a house

If you have a desire to go to live outside the city and build a country house, first you need to choose the right site where your future hearth will be located. Here are some points to consider when buying the best site.

First, you need to select quality resources, such as message boards, which have updates and dynamic content with ads. Once you have several parcels to choose from, analyze some of their parameters:

site surroundings. It is advisable to choose a site where people of the same circle as you live in the neighborhood, as well as people close to you in social and financial status. This parameter will make it easier to find a common language, for example, in the planning and implementation of some communal activities, such as laying a roadbed, electric or gas networks to your sites. In cottage townships, the water supply network, sewerage, gas and electricity supply, are solved by developers centrally, and with individual construction, people try to combine their efforts a little to facilitate this task.

The second thing you need to pay attention to is the relief and structure of the soil. If there is a slight slope on the site, this is a good factor, because in the future it will help in organizing the drainage of water from rain. The construction of a country house on a site with a significant slope usually costs half as much, but with such a relief, you can realize an unusual house design with terrace, stairs and a plot with a waterfall and a pond. As for soils, it is better to choose a site with a sufficient thickness of the fertile layer, because vegetation is better on chernozem soils than, for example, on clay soil. If the groundwater on the site is close enough to the surface of the earth, it will be necessary to additionally install a drainage system, which in turn will collect and divert water outside the site. In addition, you will have to make the basement a little higher and strengthen the waterproofing.

Now we propose to consider some positive factors and disadvantages in the location of the plots, their shape and size:

If you decide to choose a large plot, then you will have a sufficient choice of projects for building a house, as well as the opportunity to build a tennis court, a guest house, dig a lake, and also retire far from neighbors. One of the disadvantages of a large area is that it needs to be put in order, and this does not require additional funds. On plots with a small area, about 6-7 acres, the cost of landscaping and landscaping will be a big advantage, but there will not be much choice in home projects. Also, a certain disadvantage in such areas is the lack of space for a garage, as well as for outbuildings.

When buying corner plots, the house can be positioned as you like, because the neighbors will only be on two sides. But in such a location, if the territory is located at the intersection of two streets, a small minus is the noise from traffic, and this can lead to additional costs for soundproofing the premises.

An excellent option would be a site that is geographically located in a forest. As a rule, there are already large trees there, and the forest atmosphere is saturated with a peculiar microclimate and unique fresh aromas.

Many house designs can be chosen for square plots. The house itself can be safely located in the center of the territory without any violations, or instilled in the decoration of the yard. In such areas, a swimming pool or sauna, a gazebo, as well as a decorative fountain, which you can easily make with your own hands, will harmoniously fit in, which will not unimportantly play out on the positive atmosphere of the yard.< /p>

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