How to choose the right plastic windows?

If you started a major overhaul in the apartment, just want to change the windows from wooden to plastic, or just change one type of plastic windows to others, you are not in vain reading this article.

The first questions that arise : and what kind of plastic windows should you choose and what points should you pay the most attention to? When buying plastic windows for your apartment or house, there are several selection criteria, which we will try to tell you a little about.

Firstly, it is necessary to determine the profile of future windows, because the quality of windows, their appearance and maximum service life depend directly on the profile and its manufacturer. At the selection stage, you have a great opportunity to find out some “pitfalls” about windows, for example, condensation may appear on a double-glazed window due to improper design or installation of windows. One of the best manufacturers of plastic windows is Germany. The products of German manufacturers can be installed in almost all rooms, they can withstand temperature fluctuations from + 50 to – 50 degrees Celsius.

You should also learn more from the seller about such characteristics of windows as: noise insulation, thermal insulation, ventilation and, of course, safety. Let's consider these characteristics in a little more detail: Noise isolation. Noise is a powerful irritant that is tiring and also causes insomnia. A high-quality double-glazed window can protect against this. The noise level may depend on the quality of the installation of the double-glazed window, and the tightness of its locking in the binding. The thickness of the glass is also of great importance. Sometimes glasses of different thicknesses are installed, which, with the help of the effect of partial elimination of resonance, enhances sound insulation.


The soundproofing force becomes higher by increasing the distance between the glasses, as well as filling the same space with special gases, such as krypton or argon. thermal insulation. A double-glazed window, unlike a conventional single-chamber double-glazed window, tends to retain heat better, and, accordingly, is in great demand among buyers. Just like in the previous criterion – sound insulation, filling the space between the double-glazed windows with argon or krypton gases will additionally protect the apartment from heat loss. With a hermetic design of fittings, window structures close more tightly, thereby preventing warm air from escaping from the room. Ventilation.

In order to prevent condensation from appearing in your apartment after installing plastic windows and the moisture level does not increase, you need to take care of the ventilation of the room. Ventilated profiles help, in some way, in the penetration of fresh air into the room without the ingress of third-party noise and dust, which has an important effect on sound insulation. Additional ventilation in the room will help not only to eliminate carbon dioxide, but also to create the right atmosphere with a normal moisture regime. Security.

For all of the above positive factors, locking fittings — it is a mechanism that consists of designed additional parts. With the help of a special type of several layers of glass, which is called Triplex, the glass, when exposed to various objects, remains on a special polymer film when broken. The main task of such glass is maximum protection against unauthorized entry.

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