How to choose wallpaper? What are the types of wallpaper?

Wallpaper is a popular interior decoration material. It is important that they fit into the overall picture of the interior. They play a heat-insulating, protective, hygienic function, and also serve for finishing ceilings; hide the unevenness and roughness of the walls; create a mood in the house. Therefore, you should seriously consider buying wallpaper.

paper wallpaper. Even with the advent of a huge range, buyers prefer proven paper wallpapers because of their low cost and ease of use. They are single-layer (simplex), two-layer (duplex) and three-layer. Duplex is stronger than simplex, they consist of two layers of compressed paper. They are smooth and textured. For painting, two-layer embossed and coarse fiber wallpapers are used, consisting of a sawdust press. Their dignity in environmental friendliness. But they are not strong enough. This indicator also indicates a short service life – the highest quality ones will last about 10 years. They should be glued in rooms with low humidity.


Non-woven wallpaper is made of cellulose or vinyl cloth, it is convenient to paste over the walls on their own, as the glue is applied to the wall. They do not tear, stretch well, can be re-painted with water-based or acrylic paint; more fire resistant than paper; help to hide small cracks on the walls; easy to clean and easy to dismantle. But their disadvantageous lies in the excessive absorption of odors and dust.

Vinyl wallpapers. Differ in wear resistance, durability, resistance to moisture and abrasive detergents. They consist of two layers – directly vinyl and paper or non-woven base. There are wallpapers made of foamed vinyl (have a high relief), smooth (glossy), hard (well passes air). Special attention deserves wallpaper with a coating called silkscreen. They are similar to textiles, but they are cheaper, moreover, they are stronger and more durable. Their disadvantage is artificial origin, they do not pass air well, they can emit chemical vapors and often fungus forms on the walls under them.


textile wallpaper. They are considered the highest quality, made from natural materials and consist of two layers. The basis is paper or interlining, they are covered with fabric or threads. There are seamless wallpapers – this is a solid canvas that is glued around the perimeter of the entire room. There are felt, velor, linen, silk, jute. Textile wallpapers provide good noise — and thermal insulation, have antiseptic properties, hypoallergenic. Their main disadvantage is the high price and the impossibility of proper care.



Fiberglass wallpaper has a number of significant advantages. They, like no other, are least exposed to moisture, dust, harmful microorganisms; fire-resistant, resistant to chemical care, do not cause allergies, easy to clean, do not tear and are not afraid of steam.

According to the purpose of the premises. When choosing wallpaper, you should consider which room to paste over with them. For the hallway, thick vinyl or three-layer paper wallpaper for painting is suitable, as it is easier to care for them. The living room will be perfectly decorated with natural textile wallpapers that will delight the whole family. In the kitchen, washable vinyl is indispensable, they are not afraid of moisture and chemicals. In the nursery and bedroom it is worth buying eco-friendly paper or textile.

Color solution. In well-lit rooms, you can safely buy wallpaper in cold and deep shades: blue, silver, gray, blue. In dark and cold rooms, wallpapers of warm tones – peach, beige, milky, cream will look advantageous.

A large pattern is suitable for spacious and large rooms, a small one for small ones. A horizontal strip will visually lengthen the walls, and a vertical strip will expand it. You should not buy wallpaper in the color of the furniture, otherwise they will mix. When decorating walls with shelves, flowers, paintings, give preference to plain and light wallpapers.

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