How to make the kitchen more convenient?

The right little things can help optimize kitchen work.

Instead of the usual straight and hard cutting board, use a flexible cutting board. It is easy to pour the chopped ingredients into a saucepan or bowl from it – not a single piece will fall off.

The working part of the double boiler is perfect for cooking pasta. The main thing is that its size fits the parameters of the pan. Insert the “leaky” part of the double boiler into a regular saucepan and cook the pasta in the usual way. As soon as they are cooked, lift the double boiler and all the water will drain from the pasta.

Use silicone molds for baking. Dishes that are prepared in silicone molds do not stick and are easily removed. And they turn out to be very beautiful.

Knives can be stored, of course, in a special stand, but it takes up precious space. A much better solution would be a magnetic bar: attach knives with it above your workplace and they will always be at hand.

Purchase ergonomic plastic and glass containers for the kitchen. Firstly, they are very convenient to use, and secondly, they take up little space.

It is very practical to have paper towels in the kitchen – it is convenient to wipe your hands and various kitchen utensils with them .

We recommend you should pay attention to microfiber products (towels and sponges). Microfiber towels can be safely called towels of the new generation – they have an ultra-absorbent structure (10 times more than cotton counterparts). And microfiber sponges have a truly magical property – they allow you to wash dishes without the help of detergents.

Make your kitchen more convenient!

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