How to remove and install a sink?

If there is no special wrench, then in order to cope with the union nut on the tee, you will need to remove the sink. Before removing the sink, it must be freed from the supply pipes. If you have a cast iron sink, it is better to remove it with two people, and put it upside down on the floor. After that, you can unscrew the union nut and check the condition of the gasket.

For assembly, the sink must be placed on the table so that the disconnect pipes coincide with the ends. The pipe threads, leaving two or three threads from the end, must be wrapped with flax threads clockwise, after removing the remnants of the previous sealant, and clean the thread grooves with a nail or awl.

Twist the coupling slowly, trying to fit it into two – three turns of thread left without winding. the coupling, hitting the thread, will rotate freely; you should not lean on force so as not to disrupt the initial turns of the thread. You can lean on the tool at the end, when the coupling needs to be tightened, while the distance between the pipes to be connected should be no more than 1-2 mm.

Having screwed the coupling, wrap a little flax around the thread, then adjust the lock nut, and clamp the seal with it. The distance between the coupling and the locknut should be approximately 3 mm.

During the installation of the sink, it is important not to move the mixer, this can create deformation of the gasket location, which often causes damage to the gasket.

To facilitate the work during the installation of a faucet with a tee, it would be better to use flexible hoses. If it is not possible to buy such a hose, a flared copper tube can be used instead. The pipe wiring is terminated with two valves, into which the barrels are screwed, and flexible piping is put on them. After they are screwed into the tee & # 171; locks» the other sides of the flexible hoses through the barrel.

After finishing work, you should immediately check everything, let the water in and carefully inspect all connections. If a leak is found, find the cause and fix it.

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