Important tips for arranging the hallway

The most important thing is a lot of space in the hallway.

Recently, high-tech and the principle of minimalism have conquered the living space. Now all sorts of excesses, previously useful in everyday life, do not find a place for themselves. Bulky chests of drawers literally grew in and became level with the wall. But the entrance hall should be a fairly functional room. After all, there should be all the necessary items and things to go out into the street. Some nice little things to preen before a walk. Various accessories to anticipate sudden weather changes.

And if you are tired at work or returning after an active holiday, it will be more useful than ever to simply walk to the room along the hallway to get rid of boring shoes, change into your own comfortable slippers and throw off most of your outerwear . The conclusion suggests itself that furniture and various drawers and shelves are simply necessary in the hallway. But it is very important to provide a separate place for each category of things so as not to litter the usable space.

It is worth referring in more detail to the attributes that should be in each hallway
A banal table (or console) equipped with additional useful space in the form of drawers must be present.

Even the smallest hallways need a hanger for outerwear and handbags. In order for shoes to be in proper condition, they must be properly stored in convenient stands. And in order to comfortably put on shoes, it would be nice to have a pouffe or a chair that fits into the general character of the interior.

Everyone uses umbrellas, reads newspapers or magazines – niches should also be provided for them. Special designer key holders or just cute hooks will solve the problem of losing keys forever.

The next thing must certainly be present in the hallway of real fashionistas and fashionistas. This is a mirror or whole mirror surfaces. As a ready-made solution, you can use wardrobes with mirrored doors. It is very important that the mirror reflects you completely, and is about one and a half, two meters in size. After all, in front of the door you are already ready to go out and you need to evaluate the holistic image from head to toe in order to correct or supplement something. Some consider this fragile attribute at the front door impractical, but after a while, they feel a clear need for it.


The choice of flooring.


As with any other choice, the selection of flooring in the hallway must be treated with due attention. Although we can say that the texture and color – all comrades are different. But you need to remember that this is a walk-through room for everyone for all seasons.
The most inappropriate choice for flooring in the hallway can be considered parquet boards. Everyone knows the properties of parquet: it is very fragile, if you accidentally hit it with an umbrella-cane or step in stilettos – and that's it, scratches! And if you consider that all year round the floor in the hallway is exposed to an increased level of humidity, and the tree (array) absorbs water and swells, then it definitely needs to be abandoned. Plus, it's not cheap.

Laminate is considered a more economical analogue. It is made from pressed wood shavings. If you have a great desire to have a natural wood floor throughout the apartment, besides, it is also not expensive, of course, you can use this option. But keep in mind that it is easier to damage it. And, after some time after installation, the laminate floor may creak a little when walking. If this doesn't scare you, then you should dare to take such a step.
Cork floor will become moisture-resistant, warm and home-like. Of course, he is also subject to various damages, but this indescribable transformation is probably worth it. And the special coating is able to withstand most impacts.
The most rational option for flooring in the hallway would be a ceramic plate. There will be only pluses in this choice. It is easy to care for her, it is very difficult to spoil her appearance. In addition, at the present time there are a large variety of color and texture options for ceramics. Special tiles will not slip. And if the hallway is large and its owners love warmth, then heating can be arranged at least in part of the area. However, in most cases, heating is not necessary, since this is a walk-through room.
Finally, it should be noted that the color contrast of floor coverings in different rooms or areas of rooms can bring a “zest” . And the combined living room or kitchen with an entrance hall will not be an exception.
Zone delimitation

There are two main types of hallways – either it is completely isolated from the rest of the space and is represented by a narrow corridor, or it is practically indistinguishable from it, has no partitions. In both cases, these are extremes. But still, the second option will become more practical and convenient – without partitions. So it will be lighter and more spacious. But after all, you need to somehow feel the boundaries between residential and walk-through space.

To divide the space into zones, you can successfully use the already considered option for combining different floor coverings. Don't be afraid to experiment, but don't get too carried away with experiments with clearly contrasting colors and textures.
Another way not to deprive yourself of space is to delimit the space along the ceiling, namely to arrange a small arched opening. You can also decorate it exquisitely.
Another solution – zoning can be made functional by dividing the space with a pair of narrow columns of shelves and occupying them with important or decorative things. Or use any other material – glass or mirror elements, perhaps even weaving from a vine in the form of a translucent mesh.

Sometimes you can take advantage of human nature and deceive the eye. It's easy to do – a couple of interesting elements at the array of each wall, and vision itself will limit this space, blocking it with an imaginary wall. These elements can be voluminous flower pots, decorative large vases, or something else to your taste. As a result, you can kill two birds with one stone – no radical changes, and zoning has taken place!

More space!

Of course, with a large space it is easy to experiment and bring something new. It is more difficult if there is very little free space, and even less usable area. In this case, you should follow a few not tricky rules. Let's start with flowers. Choose to your taste, but the main thing is that they are light and delicate tones. If there is a desire to enrich the walls of the hallway with an ornament, then you should not pick up its small size. The most effective way to expand the space of a small hallway is wallpaper of pale blue, white or light beige colors with or without a large ornament. As for the skin – it's better not to even try. How much space will be spent on one of its installations, and the full effect will depend on the chosen material. The least of all will seem to be a hallway lined with wood. The easiest way to erase the boundaries of space and visually double it has always been to install extensive mirror surfaces. These can be both full-fledged mirrors and mirror surfaces with translucent ornaments.

Move away from the darkness!

< br/> You definitely can't count on daylight solar lighting in the hallway. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange decent lighting in order to find the lost slippers and correct the make-up. Lighting should be provided diffused. And along the mirrors, it's a good idea to put a strip of LEDs or hide them under the ceiling. Decorate the ceiling vault with halogen lamps. All these solutions will help not only illuminate, but also expand the space.

Now the design should take place. The main thing is that all the selected elements are in harmony with each other and smoothly flow into the design look of the adjacent room. And the rest is the result of each artist's choice of his own unique painting.

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