interior wall painting

If you want your home to be not only beautiful and cozy, but also reflect your personality or tell about you in some way, then you need to think about painting the room.

Choice of topics for painting any interior is very wide and not limited by anything. At the present time, in addition to classical plots, the so-called snags are popular. For example, you can depict a terrace on the wall, which will be braided with grapes, or access to the beach directly from the room. Naturally, there will be no natural way out, but the artist can create such an illusion. The picture depicted on the wall seems to give a certain fourth dimension and comes to life.

In addition to the aesthetic function, the painting also performs a utilitarian one, as it expands the space to the area depicted by the artist. This gives the same effect as the mirror trick that makes the room twice as big. But here there will be no longer a copy of the room, but a new space.

Besides, art ennobles. A person who constantly lives among beauty will feel completely different.

Even if the customer does not know how to draw, beauty will be born through his initiative and a completely new reality will appear. After all, the Sistine Chapel was painted by order of the Catholic Church.

A little should be said about the price. Interior painting can be carried out from $150-200 per square meter. The price depends on the complexity of the drawing, the skill of the artist, the surface. Moreover, a freelance artist will do it for a lower price than a special company offering such services.

I must say that interior painting will cost you less than some kind of LCD TV. And if you decide to paint your interior, you will truly live in the Sistine Chapel.

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