Laminate parquet laying technology in 3 steps

First, let's gather all the necessary tools and materials:

— laminate,

— bar,

— wedges,

— mallet,

— square,

— hacksaw,

— brush (hard bristles),

— bracket.

Inspect the laminate if it was damaged during transportation, check the humidity level in the room (norm 75%), as well as the temperature of the subfloor (15 – 28 C) air temperature (from 18 to C ).

You can proceed.

First step.

First, you need to decompose the polyethylene, do it with an overlap, gluing with adhesive tape, and also lay the film vertically along the wall on 5 cm.

We spread the substrate, lay it end-to-end and also glue it with adhesive tape. Next, you need to clean the locks around the perimeter of the panels from dust. We do this with a hard brush.

With the help of wedges, we observe the indentation from the walls and all fixed structures that protrude from the floor by 1 cm. When the air humidity and temperature change, the plates tend to deform.

The second action.

In the left corner of the room we settle the first row of panels. To connect the short sides of the panels, we adjust the comb (angle 20-30 degrees) into the groove of the already laid row, then, gently pressing, we evenly lay the panels on the substrate.

Third step.

Settlement the second row of panels is carried out by attaching a long edge. The edges of the panels should be joined so that they can be connected with a bar or staple. The ends of all the following rows are tucked in the same way.

The plinth must be attached to the wall (not to the floor).

If you did everything right:< /p>

— The planks fit snugly together, there are no tangible joints

— The floor does not crack when walking.

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