Landscaping of the path with the use of natural stone.

If you decide to seriously engage in competent arrangement of a garden or summer cottage, then garden paths will be a mandatory attribute of creating comfort.

Very often, the owners do not know how to properly equip a given element of the landscape, so that the paths take up either too much space on the ground or in the garden, or laid with a purely decorative purpose.

Landscaping natural stone paths, how to do it yourself?< /p>


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How to make this part of the cost of the cottage less expensive. And end up with a unique section with tracks that will last you as long as possible?


The first rule that you should remember is that the tracks should not take more than 10% of the total area of ​​the garden or suburban area. Their goal is to avoid excessive dirt and soil transfer from bed to bed, even in autumn and winter bad weather. That is, a properly equipped garden path should be used by you at any time of the year, regardless of the amount of precipitation that fell at that time.

Well, it's no secret that all paths, regardless of the date of construction, must be made in a single style, which is combined with the facade of the cottage, with small architectural forms built on the site.

Natural stone paving not necessarily by the way to make homogeneous, professionals in the field landscape design is advised to use the main building material, and the second stone to finish the structure of the path.

Yes, and you yourself will notice that it will be more efficient and sometimes more rational to equip it in this way, in terms of the cost of the finishing material used!

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