liquid nails.

Today we all admire and use such a new building material as liquid nails. In fact, liquid nails appeared 30 years ago. Only then they were not used as widely as today and, in general, were not known on the territory of the USSR. Only in the early 90s did they begin to gain a place on the shelves of domestic hardware stores.


Often, using any glue known to us, we do not associate liquid nails with it. But liquid nails are his descendants. Developed the first liquid nails in the USA and officially they are called adhesive mounting compound.

Considering what liquid nails are from the point of view of chemistry, it can be confidently stated that their difference from conventional adhesive compositions turns out to be insignificant. Since in the early years of the existence of a market economy there were no special GOSTs for them, the name liquid nails was fixed, the moment was chosen successfully, and they became widely known. Our company sells liquid nails in Nizhny Novgorod for any purpose and in any quantity. They include rubber and various polymers with special additives.


Another important factor in the popularity of this adhesive is its versatility, increased speed when applied and the fact that a liquid nail gun is used to apply this adhesive. This makes working with liquid nails quick, easy, clean and efficient. It is not required to take out furniture or equipment, splashes do not fly in all directions, since standard rollers and brushes are not used, there are no adhesive streaks on the structures.


Despite the highest quality and the effectiveness that liquid nails demonstrate, the price for them is often lower than for conventional adhesives. This is due to the versatility of liquid nails, high production volumes, proven application mechanisms that allow you to use exactly the amount of glue that is required in each case. In a normal environment, liquid nails reliably glue glass, wood, chipboard, plastic panels, polystyrene, ceramic tiles, metal and drywall. With their help, you can install skirting boards, cornices, window sills, profiles, etc.

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