Moisture resistant curtains and their features.

Experts recommend installing ordinary curtains in large rooms, in small rooms – you need to specifically choose the materials from which the curtains are made.

It is important that in a large bathroom, which has a large window, which is now very fashionable, there are beautiful curtains, as the bathroom is a place for spending personal time for self-care. Each member of the family comes to the bathroom more than once a day.

Just the curtains decorate the bathroom, smooth out the lines and give the room a finished look. Considering the general situation of the bathroom, the lighting, the color of the walls, you can effectively choose the texture of the fabric of the curtains, their color and cut. They will also visually enlarge the space if the bathroom — small. Curtains with decorative elements will give a respectable look. For example, with combined striped or floral fabrics.

Silk, velvet curtains are not suitable for use in a humid environment, but when the bathroom is 5m x 5m, then this is quite real. The room will look according to the classic type of design.

To select the interior of the curtains for the bathroom, it is important to consider the side of the house from which the bathroom is located.

If the sun's rays do not enter the room during the day, then they are suitable light curtains. If the rays of the sun fall, then beautiful cozy curtains will do.

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