Oak parquet: warmth and comfort

Quality and the condition of the floor, of course, affect the comfort in the home. Despite the fact that artificial materials have become widespread in construction, parquet made from natural wood, such as oak or beech, has not lost its relevance due to its optical and hygienic properties. Such parquet is indispensable, for example, for people suffering from allergies to artificial flooring or diseases of the respiratory system.

Shops offer a wide selection of oak parquet tones, although dark parquet is in great demand. Parquet made of natural wood is multi-layered, its upper layers are made of oak or beech, while the lower layers are made of spruce or pine. The surface of such parquet is treated with oils or varnishes. During the manufacturing process, parquet is dried with air or ultraviolet rays. Such parquet is hard and durable, but care products should not contain natural oils.

Oiled parquet after laying needs to be applied an additional layer of oil. For lacquered, such processing is not needed, but scratches are more noticeable on it, so frequent grinding is required for such a floor. In order for natural wood parquet to retain its beauty for as long as possible, it is necessary to properly care for it. To keep the parquet clean, you will need a broom or a vacuum cleaner, but sometimes you can do a wet cleaning with a well-wrung rag. It is allowed to add special detergents to the cleaning water.

Beautiful, well-maintained parquet made of natural wood gives the room a sophisticated look and makes the atmosphere of the home especially pleasant.

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