Parquet floor repair

To replace individual rivets when repairing a parquet floor, first of all, it is necessary to replace the destroyed rivets with new ones, but of the same shape. New rivets should be half a millimeter above the floor. Destroyed rivets must be removed without damaging the neighboring ones; for this, it should be split into three parts and thus removed. If you need to change only one riveting, then you still need to pull out both the destroyed and the whole, if they have grooves and ridges. First, you need to clean and repair the base under the riveting, then dry it and prime it with bituminous mastic solutions, the thickness of which should be no more than two millimeters. Then we cut off the protruding comb at the riveting and lay it on the bituminous mastic. It will be possible to start scraping only after the mastic has dried. Before scraping, slightly dampen the floor. Now about the swelling of the parquet floor. First of all, this is due to excessive moisture or due to insufficient clearance between the parquet and the walls. To repair a swollen floor due to excessive moisture, you need to cut out three strips in this place and carefully remove the source of moisture, and due to insufficient clearance, you need to cut the extreme rows of this parquet. As for the repair of cracks in the floor, if they are large, then the floor should be re-tiled, repair will not help here. But if the width of the slots is not more than 3.5 millimeters, then they need to be cleaned with wire, and then puttyed with putty from wood glue and birch, beech or oak sawdust.

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