photo tiles

Tough market competition in the construction market forces manufacturers to constantly come up with something new to attract consumers. One of the latest know-how in this area was the technology of applying a photo image to a tile. But in a short time, it has undergone some changes.

If earlier the pattern was applied to the tile by inconvenient methods of offset or direct photo printing, then thanks to extensive research work, new methods of printing a photo image on ceramics were developed.

Today, the process of applying a photograph to a tile is more technologically advanced. The paint, under the influence of high temperature, penetrates directly into the polymer coating specially applied to the ceramic tile. And thanks to more advanced ceramic dyes, the images on the tiles are brighter and sharper, and do not fade over time. The final step in the entire — covering the tile with a layer of transparent glaze, which protects the finished product from negative environmental influences.

The possibilities of using phototiles can be called endless. You can use it in all rooms: in the nursery, in the bedroom or in your personal office. Photo tiles are absolutely indispensable when decorating the walls of a bathroom or kitchen – where high resistance to moisture and mechanical stress is most valued. It washes well, therefore, when decorating walls with it, you can be sure that there will be no problems with the cleanliness of this surface.

For a photo panel made of ceramic photo tiles, you can come up with a variety of plots that a decorator can think of.< /p>

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