polymer membrane.

The construction industry is developing ever more advanced and efficient technologies and building materials. They are used in different directions and together they can significantly improve the quality of construction or repair. These include a polymer membrane used for waterproofing roofs. It allows you to reduce the heat loss of any room (plant, factory, office complex, new residential building, private house or even a garage), increase the life of wooden and steel roof structures, a heat-insulating layer.

Thus, the polymer membrane is an integral element of modern roofing. Especially often it is used in the case of making a roof from soft roofing materials, when repairing old flat roofs, in cases where year-round high humidity occurs in a certain area. In this case and in many others, the polymer membrane helps to get rid of many negative factors and simplify the operation of buildings.

In addition, the polymer membrane can have bright colors, which will make the house more beautiful and cheerful, eliminate such negative motifs as dullness and despondency.

Most polymeric membranes are made of PVC. This material is non-toxic, not affected by moisture, heat, cold, alkalis, acids, lime and other negative factors. This means that the polymer membrane, despite its apparent fragility, will effectively serve you for decades.

TLK offers you roofing membranes from different manufacturers, with all kinds of colors, strength characteristics. We can supply you with any volume of roofing polymeric membranes of high quality and at fairly reasonable prices in the shortest possible time.

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