Principles of water supply at home.

We have already talked about how to choose a stove for your home. If you choose a pump for your home, then you need to take into account the height of the water rise and the performance of the pump itself. As a rule, submersible pumps are used in houses, and it requires taking into account that the water treatment and water purification in the house is carried out at the highest level.

At a height of 7-8 meters, it is enough to use a surface self-priming pump. It is installed in the house, and a pipeline or hose is brought to the well. A stainless steel pump clogs less with sand, an example of such a pump — gnome pump — wear-resistant and durable.

A water tank will help keep the water pressure constant. Its capacity must be selected depending on the number of people living in the room, the calculation of water & # 8212; 50 liters per person per day.

Pumps are installed in the basement, and water tanks are located in the attic. The ideal pipe material — polymer is a durable material and has a high throughput.

Do not forget about cleaning plants. After creating the water supply, you can finally move on to the main repairs around the house.

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