Repair and types of repair. Major overhaul or cosmetic?

How does the new renovation affect the mood?

Sometimes you suddenly get the idea that you need to change something in your life.

And the best for this option, without a doubt, will be the renovation of your apartment. It can be a simple cosmetic repair, when you just re-paste the wallpaper on the walls or update the stretch ceiling. Or you can change everything radically: change the kitchen or bathroom beyond recognition, or maybe even make a complete redevelopment of your apartment.
Doesn't it sound tempting? And you don't have to say that you don't have that kind of money.

Any person can say this, because money is not enough for everyone and always. Nevertheless, it is not worth saving on an apartment, because here you spend the best moments of your life — you raise children, receive guests, and finally, just relax after a hard day's work. All this suggests that in the apartment you and your family should be cozy and comfortable. In addition, your friends and acquaintances can draw the appropriate conclusions about its owner from the interior of your home.

Of course, making repairs in an apartment, especially a major one, is not at all easy. To do this, you need to be a prepared person, well versed in all its subtleties. That is why we decided to help those who decide to make repairs on their own and publish this article, which will help you not only choose the best quality material, but also rationally plan the progress of work. If you follow our advice exactly, you can be sure that you did not waste your time, effort and money.

Deciding what kind of repair we will do

First the stage on the path to repair will be your conscious decision about whether you really want a change, and if so, what kind of repair you want to make. There are several options here: repairs can be cosmetic, current or major.

Renovation is on a special step.

Although this renovation does not contain anything “European”, it is customary to designate a high quality renovation, during which excellent building materials were used.

Nevertheless, after such renovation, your apartment will look really chic. Do you think that you can not cope with this type of repair? You are wrong!

Repairs have a specific classification:


This view renovation involves making changes to the premises of the apartment, without changing the load-bearing structural elements. Such repair has its subspecies:
— regular cosmetic repairs. In this case, the types of finishes that were previously used in the room are not subject to replacement. Only replacement of wallpaper, painting of walls, floors, ceilings is carried out. Doors, baseboards are being put in order. Floors are sanded and varnished;
— cosmetic repairs, in which the replacement of finishing materials. In this case, the wallpaper must be replaced with a spray coating or Venetian plaster. The floors are also repainted with latex-acrylic paints, replacement of skirting boards and trims on doorways is obligatory.

2. Overhaul.

With such a repair, the appearance of the room also changes, while the structural elements of the room are also subject to replacement. Subtypes of this type of repair:
— minor overhaul. The same work is carried out here as in paragraph 1 of this article, only in this case the communication system, structural elements are subject to replacement. The floors are dismantled with the replacement of the coating, sewer pipes and plumbing equipment are changed, the electrical system of the apartment is checked and, if necessary, changed;
— overhaul of high complexity. In this case, all of the above works are performed, and the development of the design of the apartment is also added to them. Issues related to the general style of the room are being resolved, such decorative elements as arches, niches, columns, etc. are included.

3. Reconstruction.

In this case, we are talking not only about changing the appearance of the renovated premises, but also about changing its functionality. This type of repair includes redevelopment of the apartment at the request of its new owner, a change in the purpose of the premises. A distinctive feature of this type of repair is also the replacement of load-bearing structures – ceilings, partitions, etc.

4. Room decoration.

This renovation is very popular these days. It refers to such work that is carried out in the premises of houses that have just been put into operation. Thus, these apartments are brought to the level required by the consumer. This type of repair can be attributed to the work of interior decoration. Interior finishing work may include all types of work listed in paragraphs 1,2 and 3.

It is important to understand that such a systematization of repair types is very conditional. And although all of the listed types differ in the level of complexity, nevertheless, any of them must be approached carefully.

The second stage is the decision on how the interior of your apartment will look like. Here the question may arise: to do this business on your own or to seek help from those for whom this is a profession. Of course, in case you are madly wanting to do everything exactly as you have long planned, do the interior design yourself. But in case your imagination is not so limitless, it is better to take help from artist-designers. A person of this creative profession will surely listen to all your wishes and embody them in his design project, which will then be immediately implemented. At the same time, you should not save on the cost of these services, since the course of further repairs depends on this.

The third stage is deciding whether you will do the repairs yourself or still turn to the construction team for help. Of course, hiring a team will be expensive, but you should not immediately abandon this idea. You can use their services in part, shifting the most complex repair work on their shoulders. Also, do not neglect the help of a construction company manager, as he can give you a lot of practical advice on how to implement your plans. In addition, he can advise on what building materials to use and where to buy them.
In order to start repair work, you need to prepare a project.

In order to carry out repair work in the proper quality, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary documents. The main documents in this case are such documents as a project and an estimate. It is also necessary to conclude an agreement with the contractor, as well as obtain some approvals. Project documents should be prepared for you by the designer. If a typical repair is planned, then you can purchase a finished project from any construction company. The amount for such services will directly depend on the complexity of the task assigned to the specialist.

The necessary drawings, estimates for materials and some other papers will cost quite acceptable.< /p>

Designing a repair project .

  • First of all, before starting the development of the project, it is necessary to carefully examine the premises of the apartment. This includes taking measurements, studying the general condition of walls, ceilings and floors. It is also important to pay attention to communications and wiring. It is good if such work is carried out in the presence of a representative of a construction company. If you have decided to repair the apartment yourself, you should still use the drawings, which will show where the electric points are transferred, etc. This will help you avoid mistakes that will be difficult to correct later. Another plus of project documentation is that with their help you can easily calculate what materials and how much you will need. Then you won't have to spend time looking for and buying them.
    If you decide to make changes to the original layout of the apartment, you will have to get approval from many services. You will be able to do this only if you have a project in hand. The following types of work must be approved:
    — changing the layout of toilets and bathrooms;
    — or relocation of removal partitions;
    — relocation of plumbing, gas and heating equipment;
    — moving doors;
    — re-equipment of vestibule premises;
    — works on glazing balconies and loggias.

The decision to create such a document was prompted by a large number of repairs that were performed in inadequate quality. Such work can lead to negative consequences, lead to an accident and the destruction of the building. All these facts indicate that in order to avoid such situations, redevelopment must be technically justified. It should not violate the design of the house as a whole.

The following items should be included in the project, which is subject to approval:< /strong>

  • — a drawing showing the exact dimensions of the apartment at the moment;
    — plans for dismantling, which should also include those structures and elements that are planned for demolition;
    — drawings, the content of which corresponds to the new layout. Here you need to indicate the places where new structures will be erected, as well as marks about the new level of the floor and ceiling;
    — separate plans for each wall, as well as the layout of materials that are needed for each surface;
    — drawings indicating changes in heating systems;
    — wiring plans indicating the places where sockets, switches, lamps and other electrical appliances will be located;
    — plans governing changes to plumbing installations;
    — the last document will be a statement that contains a list of all materials and components necessary for finishing.

This package of documents has a very approximate content, since the number of documents can be reduced or increased depending on the complexity of the repair planned. It is important that all documents are drawn up clearly and clearly so that the manufacturer does not ask unnecessary questions.
The fourth stage is the decision on whether to leave the apartment at the time when repairs are being carried out in it. Experts advise to leave the apartment, even if it is only about cosmetic repairs. In this way, you will save yourself from a lot of troubles, such as, for example, swallowing dust, lack of light and water, the inability to eat normally, etc. If you vacate the apartment being renovated, the renovation will be completed in a much shorter time.

Now is the time to get down to business.

It's best to map out the outline at the same time as the rest of the project documents.

You can entrust all the calculations to the authors of the project, and the contractor who will deal with your repair. By the way, in order to choose a contractor, it would be best to hold a competition or tender. The choice among the contestants can be made based on the estimates they will submit. However, you should not rely only on the cheapness of the materials offered by the contractor, you must also consider the following points:

— depth of cost estimate;
— reviews about the company you plan to entrust with the repair of your apartment;
— the time that this company exists in the construction market;
— the company provides a 1 year warranty as specified by law.

It is very important how detailed the calculation is made by the contractor, as this will give you the opportunity to regulate your relationship with the workers throughout the repair. Thanks to the contract, which will be concluded between the customer and the contractor, it will be easier to make all the necessary calculations. That is why in the estimate it is necessary to indicate the content of technological operations, their actual volumes, as well as the price of each unit of work. Here it would be nice to indicate the cost of the materials themselves needed for the repair, and the salary of the workers.

Repair estimate.

If the estimate is drawn up in the right way, then it makes it possible not only to determine the amount that will be needed for repair work. It can also be used to make adjustments and reduce costs by eliminating the most expensive work and replacing some materials with similar ones that cost less.

Even if you decide to make repairs on your own, do not give up on the estimate. And in the case of a contractor, an estimate is simply necessary. The more detailed the estimate of work will be considered, the more accurately you will be able to control your costs. Remember that the lack of the necessary documentation, including estimates, can lead you to additional expenses, which the craftsmen simply “forgot” to warn you about.
An issue important will also be who will be involved in the selection and purchase of building materials for repairs. You can do this yourself, but first get the necessary advice from the master. In this matter, it is important not only that the material must combine good quality and reasonable price.

It is also important to take into account the specifics of materials of different brands.

You just need to figure it out. In addition, the range of building materials is constantly updated. If we are talking about buying equipment for repair, the right decision would be to install this equipment by specialists from the same company. Given all these factors, it is still worth entrusting the purchase of materials to builders. You will save not only money, but also time and effort.

After the hired contractor has provided you with an estimate, you can ask them for a plan according to which the repair work will be carried out. With this plan, you can appeal if workers miss deadlines or exceed costs. The option when you carry out repairs on your own, it would also be nice to strengthen the plan. It will give you an incentive.

Naturally, it is much easier for the owner of the apartment to entrust its repair to specialists. But, unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. In this case, you have to deal with the repair yourself.

Especially for such cases, we have compiled an approximate sequence such works.

If we are not talking about an apartment in a house that has just been put into operation, then there is a lot of repair work to be done. First, it is necessary to start the repair with the removal of non-load-bearing walls and partitions. Then it is worth doing the replacement of windows, window sills and slopes. Only after that you can proceed to work on replacing the wiring. For this, it is best to use metal boxes.

After the work with electricity is completed, you can proceed to screeding the flooring and leveling its surface. The final stage will be plastering and painting, and then the installation of new doors. If necessary, ceramic tiles can be laid at the same time in those places where it is needed.

This sequence is also very arbitrary, as it will depend on many factors, such as, for example, the number of rooms, the floor, the quality of the materials.
Here is some more useful information , which may come in handy during renovations.

No matter what desires you pursue when decorating your apartment, be sure to follow these simple rules :

— load-bearing walls or partitions must not be dismantled;
— if you have decided to replace the heating equipment in your apartment, remember that the new equipment must correspond to the set value of the operating pressure of your home. By the way, the choice of a radiator can also be affected by the diameter of the wire, the distance between the centers of the wires, and some other factors, including even the shape of the radiator;

— if your apartment is located in an old building, before starting repairs, find out how long ago a major overhaul was carried out here, and whether it was carried out at all. This will give you a complete picture of the condition of the pipes. In addition, it may be possible to carry out such repairs to the heating system at no cost, and all that remains is to bring it into proper appearance. Sometimes heating pipes are sewn up with decorative panels. This is a big mistake, because if a pipe breaks, there will be more problems with the repair than it could be.
— be sure to find out what power consumption load is allowed in your home.

Regarding this indicator, it is necessary to carry out repair and installation of new electrical wiring and take into account the number of household appliances. In case of great need, you can try to get permission to increase this indicator in the energy supervision service of your area.
Most of the electrical wiring is hidden in the walls, floor and ceiling, in this regard, quality control must be carried out before the wiring is bricked up. A gross violation is the absence of junction boxes in those places where the wires are connected. This prevents quick access to them in case of emergency, for example, during a short circuit. As for the installation of horizontal wiring, they can only be laid near the ceiling or near the floor.

If you listen to our advice and clearly plan the progress of the repair work, you will do everything right on preparatory stage and carry out repair work in accordance with all the rules, you can significantly save your budget, as well as save your nervous system. In addition, you will be sure that the repair work is carried out in the proper quality and without damage to the supporting structures. All this will please not only you, but also your loved ones. Now quiet family evenings will be held in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

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