road paving

The poor condition of roads has a negative impact not only on the service life of parts and components of the running system of machines that move along it, but also on road safety, because accidents occur much more often in areas with potholes and pits. The same can be said about poorly paved sidewalks, which very often become a place where pedestrians get injured.

It is equally important to take care of an even and neat coating in the adjoining areas and in the yards, because this will give a well-groomed appearance to the territory and the building itself.< /p>

In all these cases, the most reasonable solution to the problem is the asphalting of a road, sidewalk or site, because this is one of the cheapest ways to improve the quality of the pavement, which at the same time, subject to technology, must give a long-term effect.



Asphalt laying can be carried out with equal success, as in a completely undeveloped area, as they say “from scratch”, and in the form of repair of a hard surface of different levels of complexity, from capital to patching or selective. For this purpose, asphalt concrete mixtures of various categories are used: sandy, fine-grained and coarse-grained. If asphalting is carried out on a site where there was no hard surface before, then laying begins with excavation, during which the site is leveled and cleaned.

Then the base is filled, on which the asphalt will be rolled in one or more layers. Repairs can be made by removing the old coating and laying a new one, or by influencing only problem areas, where the place is cleaned, filled with bitumen, and then a new asphalt coating is applied.

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