Rubber seal for windows.

Seals can be made both from rubber and using silicone, therefore, with proper operation, such elements serve for decades.

Rubber seals for windows

The production of such elements is possible only when the rubber is vulcanized. For the competent implementation of this process, sulfur is used. Such products are still used by some companies to make translucent PVC objects.

Modern rubber seals today are made using synthetic rubber or ethylene propylene. Such an approach made possible the maximum improvement of all technological and operational parameters of such products.

This type of seals can be useful in the following cases:


• use in various designs of windows and doors;

• use both at high and low temperatures;

• increased heat and sound insulation; < /p>

• excellent resistance to various kinds of deformations;

• competent approach to operation ensures maximum service life – up to 25 years.

Silicone seals have gained immense popularity due to their high quality and versatility in use.

Silicone seals have the following undeniable advantages:

• it is possible to use at a temperature range of -50оС–+200оС;

• ultraviolet radiation does absolutely no harm to them;

• there is no deformation due to precipitation;

• there is no damage from a strong temperature difference ;< /p>

• inertness to the effects of a huge number of chemical elements.

However, these products have one significant drawback that confuses many consumers: a rather high cost.


This kind of elements are found in various color variations, so everyone can choose exactly the element that suits a particular home. The most popular color was and remains white, because it looks harmonious in any room and does not lose its aesthetic properties for a long period of time.

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