Say a word about the poor whitewash!

If we talk about new technologies, then many people simply do not notice them or do not want to notice them, and the old repair methods are more familiar to them.

Before whitewashing the ceiling, clean it of old whitewash and various stains.


Wash the rust with water and rub this place with a solution of quickly vitriol.

To wipe the cracks on the ceiling, you will need putty. To get a good putty you will need to mix plaster, glue and chalk. The recipe for a very high-quality putty:

It will take 2.5 kilograms of limestone to dilute it in 2 liters of water and add about 100 grams of salt dissolved in water (hot) to the resulting porridge. Then we add a lot of water to the resulting mixture, so that approximately 10 liters of the mixture is obtained. After that, strain the putty and add about 1.5 liters of wood glue to it, in which the chalk powder should already be mixed.

Apply the putty:

Usually this is done by hand with a spatula.< /p>

Already puttied ceiling is covered with a primer. The primer must be made from hydrated lime.

To make such a primer you will need:

Laundry soap.

Slaked lime (3 kilograms)

Drying oil approximately 50-100 grams.


Cut the soap thinly, add to hot water and add drying oils. Lime is diluted in 4 liters of water separately. Then mix both resulting solutions, and the primer will be ready.

After applying the primer, you must wait until it dries, and then apply whitewash.

To make chalk whitewash, you will need: 5 l heated to 40-50 0C of water, then dissolve 30 g of wood glue and 3 kg of sifted chalk there.

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