Sticking linkrust

Sooner or later, almost everyone has to make repairs to the premises. One of these types is gluing linkrust. Although this work is quite laborious, but you can do it yourself.

For this, preparatory work is done first. Skirting boards, sockets and everything else are removed until the walls are completely cleaned.

After that, the wall must be cleaned of the previous finishing material, and all irregularities must be puttied with the putty of the first layer . Then, when the wall becomes dry, it is wiped with a sandpaper, cleaned of dust and a primer is made.

When the primer is sufficiently absorbed, a second layer of putty is applied, but already a finish one. Again they clean it with sandpaper, and prime it again.

The linkrust itself is first cut into pieces of the required size, rolled up, and immersed in hot water for ten minutes. Then for eight to ten hours they are laid out on a flat surface.

After drying, you can proceed to the sticker. After applying the glue to the surface of the linkrust, they wait about ten minutes, and only after that they put it on the wall, having previously made markings on the wall, and one should not forget about the correct arrangement of the drawings.< /p>

If all the work is done correctly, then the places joints should not be seen. Five to seven days after the sticker, you can paint.

Pre-removed sockets, skirting boards, and everything else, cling to painting. After completing all the work, it should be remembered that in the room, for about five days, there should not be too large temperature differences

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