Surface preparation for wallpaper

In order to paste wallpaper well, you need not only to buy everything you need and choose a free day, but also to prepare the walls on which you are going to apply them. It doesn't matter if your apartment is new or old — holes and cracks can appear on any surface. The reasons for these unwanted surprises can be various, ranging from poor quality construction to dilapidated housing.

One way or another, regardless of the reasons, these things will have to be repaired. It must be remembered that for normal wallpapering, the surface must be flat, dry and clean. It is to achieve these qualities that there are a number of preparatory measures.

One of the most important allies in the construction business is the primer. It will help prepare the surface for better bonding. Also, to level the walls, you should use gypsum putty, which should be covered with the same primer on top.

Another useful activity is peeling off old wallpaper. Usually they are easily peeled off the walls in large layers, but if difficulties arise, then the surface should be wetted and scraped with a small spatula.

Bare concrete should be prepared for applying wallpaper paste, as stains may appear on the wallpaper. To do this, paint the walls with water-based paint and prime a little on top.

If the walls and ceiling were whitewashed before the repair, now it’s worth washing off all the whitewashing with water. Well, from above everything is as usual — primer treatment.

In general, it should be remembered that well-done preparation will greatly facilitate the whole process of wallpapering and improve the final result.

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