Suspended ceilings of the Armstrong system. Advantages of a suspended ceiling

Today, a technology called “Armstrong” is especially popular among suspended ceiling systems. It is an inexpensive, practical solution for rooms with high ceilings.

Armstrong ceiling tiles are made from specially recycled stone wool. Cellulose, gypsum additive or latex are also added to the composition. This manufacturing technology allows you to obtain high quality products without resorting to serious production costs.


«Armstrong» is a structure made of metal components (profiles and suspensions) and mineral plates. This type of false ceiling achieved obvious success due to its rather low price and simple device (installation).

The aesthetic data of the system is also not inferior, thanks to modern production technologies. Plates can have different textures, different colors and patterns. Alternating tiles with lighting fixtures helps create an interesting design solution on a typical office ceiling.

Types of ceiling tiles and where to install them.

• Economy class. An inexpensive class of plates, but the quality and appearance do not suffer. Suitable for dry rooms such as schools, offices, technical rooms.

• Acoustic ceiling, consisting of slabs with special protection against external noise. Mounted in offices, nightclubs or hotels.

• Moisture resistant ceilings. Special boards with a high degree of moisture protection. Ceilings made from such boards are suitable for wet areas such as restaurants, swimming pools, bathrooms.

• Ceilings with design solutions are suitable for rooms where you want to create an exclusive decor.

• Hygienic ceilings from boards coated with a special antibacterial composition, they are installed in hospitals or food shops.

As you can see, this suspension system is universal for any type of room with any level of humidity and sound insulation.

Dignity Armstrong ceilings:

• Covering any surface imperfections

• Access to technical communications

< p>• High degree of sound insulation

• Easy and affordable installation

• Safety and environmental friendliness of the system from natural raw materials


Disadvantages of Armstrong ceilings:

• Fragility of mineral slabs

• External and internal deformation due to constant temperature changes and changes in room humidity

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