Technology of laying parquet board

In our time a large number of building materials, including floor coverings. Today we will talk about the parquet board, the types of this material are diverse, for example: solid wood, plastic, laminate, plastic with natural coating, etc. Many stores offer a flooring service, it is not expensive — As a rule, the work is done by specialists. But if you enjoy redecorating your apartment, you can easily do the job yourself.

Here are some things you need to know before you get started:

1) The room must be prepared : clean, temperature min. 18 degrees, air humidity from 30 to 60%

2) The base for laying the parquet board should be: dry, clean, even, which will ensure the rigidity of the floor.

3) Methods of laying the parquet board : if the board is massive and the room is large, besides, the floors are made of “black” wooden boards or logs, then the parquet is fastened with nails or screws. This is a laborious process that takes a lot of time.

4) The more common and easy way is called “floating” in construction jargon. This is laying on a flat base by connecting the tongue and groove to each other, and the board is not attached to the base. Parquet is attached to the base only if the room is very large, special glue is used.

5) You need to know that when laying floating, the floors expand a little, so we fix the plinth to the wall with screws. A plinth is necessary; it protects the parquet from moisture and makes the interior more aesthetic.

Enjoy your repair!

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