Textile wallpapers

In the modern world, textile wallpapers such as jute, linen, silk, felt and synthetic-based wallpapers are in great demand. Jute wallpapers are made from natural paper-based fabric. They can be either monophonic or have different patterns. These wallpapers are very wear-resistant and practically do not fade. When gluing them, it is best to use glue designed for heavy wallpaper. Linen wallpapers are made from paper canvas, which is laminated with natural or mixed fiber threads. Such wallpapers also practically do not fade and have excellent sound and heat insulation. Before sticking these wallpapers, it is necessary to impregnate them with glue for 10 minutes, while they should not be rubbed, and the unpainted canvas should not be bent. Silk wallpapers are made on the basis of viscose paper with natural silk. They are available both for painting and with various patterns. For their gluing, we also recommend glue designed for heavy wallpaper. Felt wallpapers are made either from paper-based felt fabric or from expanded polypropylene. These wallpapers have excellent sound and heat insulation, and in addition, they perfectly mask various wall defects. Synthetic-based wallpapers are made using a foam base, on which a textile fabric is glued, due to which they have excellent sound and heat insulation. For gluing such wallpapers, special adhesives are used, which are applied exclusively along the edges of the wallpaper. But it is best to ask a specialist for help when sticking them.

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