The curb is an important element of road construction.

A border is a narrow decorative strip of concrete designed to frame flower beds, paths and lawns. The border carries an aesthetic purpose. However, this is not its only quality. It logically completes the design of the pavement, making it more reinforced.

Types of curbs

Concrete curbs come in various types: large – used to separate the road from the sidewalk and side stone of small dimensions – gives the site an aesthetic appearance.

Method of production

Road curbs are made by vibrocompression. Vibropress — This is a modern and technologically advanced machine. As a rule, paving slabs and fragments of landscape architecture are made on it. Due to this method and high-quality raw materials, it is possible to obtain a road curb that would meet all the requirements for stability, quality and long service life.

The production of curbs and curbs occurs with the simultaneous coloring of the entire curb stone, which makes it possible to obtain the same everywhere shade.

Laying the border

Installing curbs is an elementary operation that does not require any special training. In the area selected for installation, the curbs are installed on a concrete base to increase strength and stability.

For installation, the curb should be selected so that it does not look too bulky, but, for example, roads, the use of a lawn curb is not entirely practical.

The installation of a concrete curb along the road is carried out using specialized equipment, so you can achieve pretty good results.

Usually, curbing is the first thing to do – this creates a clear roadway boundary, which, in addition, is well strengthened.

Installing a curb is one of the disciplining factors for drivers. The distance between two adjacent elements of the curb should not exceed 5 mm. Joints must be filled with cement mortar.

Curbs and road construction

Use of curbs in road construction — necessity: in addition to visual effects from the design of road fragments, the latter also affects the long service life of pavement tiles. If there are no curbs as such, the tiles will begin to diverge, a gap will appear between them, water will begin to accumulate there and, ultimately, this will lead to the destruction of paving slabs. Of course, the sale of paving slabs is carried out everywhere, and it will not be difficult to buy it, but why these extra expenses when it costs less to install a quality curb that will last you more than a dozen years.

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