Types of materials for soundproofing walls.

Types of materials for soundproofing walls and their characteristics

Walls in modern apartments do not have good soundproofing. Any noise from the neighboring apartment disturbs the peace and makes it impossible to rest in silence. Currently, a solution to this problem has been found – these are soundproofing elements that are installed on the walls. These materials can be installed independently, as long as they are fireproof, environmentally friendly and have good sound insulation without creating a dull echo.

By design, a material that absorbs noise well should be multi-layered. Soundproof panels will take a few centimeters from the room, but for the sake of peace and tranquility, this can be sacrificed, the main thing is not to overdo it. The choice of a particular material must be treated very carefully, and all installation conditions must be observed.

There are several options for soundproofing – using high-quality plaster, drywall and ready-made soundproofing boards. For a panel house, wall plastering is the best option, since noise is transmitted by concrete pores, gaps between slabs and various chips, and high-quality plastering can bring peace and tranquility to the house. It is not worth saving when choosing plaster, because a quality job done once creates a feeling of comfort, and a quality base is prepared for wallpapering or painting.

The most affordable way soundproofing is drywall. The plasterboard construction consists of sheets of drywall, self-tapping screws, a profile on which drywall is attached and soundproofing material. First, all irregularities and defects on the surface of the walls are eliminated, then a profile frame is attached, vibration-absorbing material can be placed under it, sound-absorbing material made of mineral wool or glass wool is placed in the frame, and drywall sheets are installed at the end. After that, it is necessary to glue the joints between the sheets using a special mesh, putty and glue the wallpaper or paint.

Another way to make soundproofing is to install soundproofing plates. Hardware stores have a wide variety of brands and types to choose from. This material has several undeniable advantages – the plates are light in weight, one person can handle them, they are easy to assemble and install, in addition to soundproofing, they also have good heat-insulating properties, are not affected by external factors, are easily cut and adjusted to the desired size.

Slabs consist of chipboard or stone wool. The have a small thickness, they are easily mounted on the wall using special dowels, the joints should be treated with a special putty. Installation of the wall does not take much time, while there is no dust and dirt. For this reason, now many prefer just such soundproofing. The only significant drawback is the high cost of the plates, although they justify their cost.

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