Types of showers

In view of the wide variety of shower enclosures on the market, choosing them is a difficult task. And here it is important to remember only your own preferences.
Currently, the proposed shower cabins are of the following types:

• shower enclosure;
• shower enclosure “Box”;
• cabin shower “Box” with hydromassage;
• cabin “Box” with a bath.

Although the shower corner looks like a regular cabin, it has some differences. We are talking about the fact that instead of four there are only two walls. The role of the missing two sides is played by the walls in the bathroom.
If you are interested in this option, then be prepared for the fact that the surfaces of the walls and floor will need to be given a smooth look. However, you can forget about these difficulties if you prefer the Box cabin. Its design has four partitions and a special pallet.


In order not to make a mistake with the choice of a cabin, you need to remember the following. When choosing equipment, you should carefully examine it, as well as the doors of the structure. It is important here that you do not have to make great efforts when opening and closing. It is also important that there are no large gaps between the doors and the walls.


In addition, pay attention to the tightness of — if the shower cabin is of high quality, then there should be no leaks here.
Only qualified specialists should be involved in the installation of the cabin. Attempting to do everything on your own is fraught with the fact that this may lead to product failure.
However, if you prepare for this work in the most serious way, stock up on the necessary tools, get an idea of ​​the nuances of this work, then you will be able to assemble a shower cabin with your own hands.
When choosing a cabin shower, you have to pay attention to the manufacturer. Recall that it is difficult for a person who is far from this area to solve this problem, remembering how many models they are offered on the market.


Today, you can buy meet models made by Russian and foreign manufacturers. Quite often, the brand affects the cost of a particular cabin.

Say, the purchase of products manufactured under the Jacussi or Albatros brand will cost you more than little-known brands.
However, English companies also have something to offer. It should be noted that a lower price does not indicate poor quality. In recent years, high interest has been shown in the Aquapol and Atlantis models. Moreover, it is rather difficult to find cardinal differences between them and more expensive analogues.

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