UPS or generator: what to choose?

Power outages in our homes are no longer something new. Electricity can be turned off without any warning and for quite a long time. And your gas boiler, which provides you with heating and hot water, is powered by the network. The house is dark and cold. How not to be left without light and heat? If you have autonomous heating installed, then why not install autonomous power supply for your home? If you live in a private home, then an uninterruptible power supply for your heating system will provide an uninterruptible power supply or a gasoline, gas or diesel generator. Consider their pros and cons.

Let's start with an uninterruptible power supply. Its positive aspects include:

• Does not require constant monitoring of its work;

• The uninterruptible power supply is completely autonomous, in the event of a power outage, it starts to work instantly;

• An uninterruptible power supply does not require much space;

• Provides a stable voltage level;

• Very quiet operation.

But an uninterruptible power supply also has its negative sides, such as:

• High price;

• Limited operating time, which depends on the battery capacity;

A mini power plant and a gasoline or diesel generator can also provide uninterrupted power for your home. Let's deal with the pros and cons of this equipment.

The positive aspects include:

• The generators are equipped with auto start, which allows the generator to be used offline;

• The generator's operating time depends only on the amount of fuel in it, i.e. if you run out of fuel, you just need to fill in a new portion (do not forget to turn it off before that);

• The cost of the generator is not as high as that of uninterruptible power supplies. It depends on the power, the quality of the generator and the manufacturer;

• If your mini power plant is powerful enough, it can provide electricity to the whole house.

The negative sides of generators include:

• Generators require special care. You will need to constantly monitor the level of fuel and oil;

• The generator needs a well-ventilated room, preferably even separate from the house;

• Some generators are not able to provide a stable voltage, to which many electrical appliances are sensitive;

• The generator is quite noisy.

What exactly to choose for your home, choose for yourself.


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